Pixel 7’s VPN by Google One will be arriving in December 2022


When Google announced the Pixel 7 smartphone, one of the features that they said would be coming to the handset would be a free VPN service by Google One. For those unfamiliar, Google One is Google’s paid cloud storage service and Pixel 7 users would be getting a perk by being able to use the VPN for free.

Google had initially stated that the feature would be coming this year, but stopped short of saying when, but now thanks to a support page, it has been revealed that the VPN by Google One will be arriving on the Pixel 7 in December at the end of the year. As noted by Google, Pixel 7 owners will not be required to have a Google One subscription in order to make use of the feature.

“As of December 2022, Pixel 7* and Pixel 7 Pro* consumers can access VPN by Google One at no extra cost on those devices through the Google One app without a Google One subscription. All other Google One membership benefits are sold separately.”

For non-Pixel 7 owners who want to take advantage of the VPN service by Google One, you will need to have a subscription to the 2TB plan in order to access it. Also, as noted by Google, the service will not be available globally (for now), which means that even if you have the 2TB subscription but live in a country that isn’t supported, you’d be out of luck.

Source: Droid-Life

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