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Designing a new smartphone isn’t easy. There are many factors that go into such a design, such as taking into consideration the internal components and the function and features that the company is aiming for. After all, what’s the point of a fancy looking render if realistically it would be impossible to manufacture or if it won’t fit the internal components, right?

This is why companies like Apple have spent thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars into the R&D of its iPhones, with the latest being the iPhone 14 lineup which while on the surface features a similar look to the iPhone 12, has some slight changes like the Dynamic Island, larger cameras, and the change in the placement of the earpiece that helps give it a more distinctive look from its predecessors.

Now, most of us are probably quick to stuff our brand new iPhones into a case to protect it, but sometimes it feels like a waste because you won’t be able to show off the design that Apple spent a lot of time and money perfecting, and that’s where Mkeke’s iPhone 14 cases come into play.

Tough and durable

While cases are a great way to personalize our phones and showcase their design, they also need to be protective. Mkeke’s brand new iPhone 14 cases are designed to be both wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, all the while showing off the iPhone’s design.

Now, typically with these types of clear cases, scratches and yellowing are common issues that happen over time, but Mkeke claims that their cases are scratch-resistant which means that scratches won’t be as readily apparent, and they are anti-yellowing too which means that it won’t look aged and dirty compared to other clear cases.

The company has also included 6D protection with raised edges on the front and back in addition to what they’re calling “airbags” at the four corners of the phone, so in the event, you drop the phone on its edge, these airbags will be able to absorb the damage to prevent any chipping, scratching, or cracking to your phone’s chassis or its display. The unique 6D protection ensures that your phone will be protected on all sides, even when it’s dropped.

Also, while the iPhone’s cameras are made out of a more durable sapphire crystal, Mkeke’s iPhone 14 cases feature raised bezels around the camera so that when you lie the phone on its back, the cameras won’t actually be touching the table to prevent dirt from getting on it and to prevent any potential scratches or damage to the lenses itself.

Streamlined design

There are some cases that while they do look pretty, might not be the most comfortable to hold. In this case, Mkeke has built the case out of polycarbonate which not only makes the case more streamlined but also easy to hold while at the same time making it smooth enough to easily take out of your pocket.

This is unlike other tough/rugged cases that might use a lot of rubber/silicone for protection, but can be a pain to take out of your pocket due to the added friction, and also at the same time being a huge magnet for pocket lint and dust. Mkeke has also included more pronounced buttons so if you need to adjust the volume or lock your iPhone, the pronounced buttons will make it easier to press.

The cutting of the case has also been done in a precise manner compared to cheaper cases that might have been rushed to the market, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to access the charging port on your phone.

Speaking of charging, while the case itself does not feature built-in magnets like Apple’s own first-party iPhone 14 cases, it will be slim enough that it will be compatible with Apple’s MagSafe chargers, so you can still charge it magnetically/wirelessly if you want.

About Mkeke

Mkeke has been designing smartphone cases for quite a while now. The company actually specializes in iPhone cases and has been rated as one of the top iPhone case brands since 2015, with over 100,000 positive ratings on its products.

The company has also been marked as an Amazon Choice and Best Seller, and the company is also known for its great after-sales service. They even offer customers a one-year free return service if they are not satisfied with their purchase for whatever reason.

Mkeke’s products are also pretty affordable, especially when you consider that they are only a fraction of what Apple is charging for first-party cases, and if climate change is something you are concerned about, Mkeke’s products are also Climate Pledge Friendly certified, meaning that its products meet certain sustainability standards to lessen its impact on the environment.

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