Oct 12th, 2022

It is not uncommon to find tech companies sponsoring sporting events. After all, given how big a role tech plays in our lives, it shouldn’t be surprising that these companies are trying to get more eyeballs on their brand and their products, and sporting events are a great way to go about it, especially like the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

It turns out that for the upcoming World Cup, Vivo has managed to score themselves a pretty awesome deal because the company has since announced that they will be the official smartphone for the upcoming event, as well as being the only official sponsor for the World Cup as far as smartphone companies are concerned.

To celebrate the World Cup, Vivo has announced a couple of events where participants can stand a chance to win themselves a free gift. The first event will be taking place from the 10th of October to the 16th of November. Fans are encouraged to post creative photos or videos that feature both Vivo and football elements on their Instagram account with the #vivogivesitashot tag.

The second event will take place from the 14th of November to the 31st of December and fans can take advantage of a special filter on TikTok celebrating the event. So, if you’re looking for a chance to win some official prizes while celebrating the game, this could be something worth checking out.

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