Gboard will now play nicely with tablets


Google’s Gboard keyboard app is one of the best keyboard replacement apps out there, but for the most part, it only plays nicely with smartphones and smaller displays. The good news is that if you use an Android tablet and want to use Gboard with it, Google has recently pushed out a new beta for the app that brings support for tablets.

This is part of Google’s efforts from a few months ago where since I/O 2022, the company has been releasing updates for its first-party apps that will make them better optimized for larger screen devices, like foldables and tablets (we’re not sure if this is a sign that this is Google readying themselves for the launch of the rumored Pixel Fold).

With this latest release, Gboard is finally going to play nice(r) with tablets where it now feels like it has been optimized for a larger screen to make the typing experience better and more accurate, as opposed to before which felt like the smartphone version of the app being stretched out to accommodate a larger display.

Keep in mind that right now, the tablet optimized version is only available in the beta channel which means that it isn’t quite ready for prime time just yet, and that there could also be some bugs that need to be ironed out and changes that could take place ahead of the public release. If you are curious and don’t mind taking it for a spin, you can sign up to be part of the beta.

Source: 9to5Google

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