Oct 4th, 2022

Most watches allow users to change the bands when they need, whether it be because the old one broke or if the wearer simply wants a different look, so it’s not surprising that many smartwatches are going down this path as well. In fact, Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch is expected to offer similar functionality, but how much will they cost?

Thanks to the folks at Droid-Life, they have managed to get their hands on what could possibly be the official Pixel Watch bands which they reportedly paid $50 each. It is expected that this is how much Google could plan on selling the separate bands when the smartwatch has been officially announced.

For context, Apple sells bands for its Apple Watch at pretty much the same price for the most basic models, and those prices go up even higher for the leather and metallic band options, so for Google to price the Pixel Watch bands at $50 doesn’t really come as a surprise. It would be nice if it was cheaper as it would make it more attractive to customers, but it looks like they’ll be sticking to current market prices. Even Samsung’s bands for the Galaxy Watch series also hover around that range.

We’re not sure how many band options Google plans to make available at launch, but like most smartwatches, there should eventually be some third-party options that users can check out that might be either cheaper or have better designs.

Source: Droid-Life

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