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The Alfred ML2 Smart Lock gives us hope that one day we might see true wireless charging


The problem with some of the current smart home devices is that you either need to hire an electrician to do some rewiring for you, or you find a smart home device that runs on batteries, but then you’re left with battery anxiety. After all, who wants to come home and find they can’t open their front door because their smart lock ran out of battery, right?

That’s something you’ll never have to worry about with the Alfred ML2 Smart Lock. This is because the ML2 Smart Lock runs on wireless energy which comes in the form of a hub made by Wi-Charge. This hub uses infrared technology to beam several watts of power over 30 feet that helps to power the ML2 Smart Lock and keep it functional.

Unfortunately, right now the ML2 Smart Lock is a mortice lock and is aimed primarily at commercial properties like hotels or apartments, but the company does note that a deadbolt version is in the works and is expected to arrive next year. That being said, the ML2 lock does not come cheap.

It is priced starting at $899 and does not include the Wi-Charge hub, which apparently does not have a set pricing yet but was previously reported to cost anywhere between $150 to $180, meaning that you would be spending $1,000 for a smart lock when there are many other much cheaper alternatives.

The upside here is that if this tech becomes more adopted, it could help pave the way for true wireless charging, a tech that many have been waiting for when it comes to phones and computers but never commercialized and only seen in demo videos.

Source: The Verge

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