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5 reasons you should buy the yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum


As much as we find it a chore to clean our homes, it’s something that we as grown-ups need to do in order to maintain a nice and hygienic environment for our family and partners to live in. But if you’re the type that’s too busy and is stuck in the office all day, then regular maintenance can be difficult.

The good news is that thanks to the advancement of technology, robot vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly common and ubiquitous in many homes. If you’ve yet to hop on board the robot vacuum cleaner bandwagon, now might be a good time to do so, and the yeedi vac 2 pro could be a great place to start, and here are five reasons why.

Powerful suction

Now obviously a robot vacuum cleaner is really only as good as its suction. After all, if it can’t even pick up dirt or debris, you might as well do it by hand, right? According to yeedi, the vac 2 pro features extremely strong suction power of up to 3,000Pa.

This means that it is not only more than capable of picking up obvious and larger chunks of dirt and debris, but it will also be able to suck up fine dust that might have settled in your carpets, crumbs from bits of food, and so on.

The vac 2 pro also comes with a mop attachment. For those who have cleaned their own homes before, you know that vacuuming your floors isn’t enough and that a good mop every now and then helps to ensure your home stays as clean as possible, so with the vac 2 pro, you get a 2-in-1 machine that can vacuum but also has an oscillating mopping system for that extra bit of elbow grease for things that cannot be suctioned up.

Obstacle detection and avoidance

In addition to having strong suction power, the vac 2 pro comes with obstacle detection and avoidance. One of the problems of earlier robot vacuum cleaner designs is that its software was a bit lacking.

It could detect obstacles in front of it, but users would still need to do a bit of “pre-cleaning” and rearranging to prevent the robot from getting stuck or tripping over items. With the vac 2 pro, yeedi has equipped it with sensors and software that not only avoids obstacles like all good robot vacuum cleaners should, but it can dodge them so that users can just let it run free.

No more having to pick up items off the floor like shoes, toys, or pet bowls, as the vac 2 pro will be smart enough to sense it and work around it.

Smart features

In the majority of homes, there is usually a mix of both hard and carpeted surfaces. You might have a little rug in front of your bathroom, or have a massive carpet in the middle of your living room.

Since different surfaces require different treatments, this can be an issue with older or less sophisticated robot vacuum systems, but with the yeedi vac 2 pro, users won’t have to worry about these issues as it will be able to detect when it is on a carpeted surface which will then prompt the robot to increase its suction power.

It will also be smart enough where if you have the mop attachment on and you’ve enabled mopping mode, when it detects a carpeted surface, it will stop mopping so that you won’t end up with a wet carpet which is usually a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.]

Other smart features of the vac 2 pro include an accompanying app where users can customize the robot’s settings, set a cleaning sequence, tell the robot to clean specific areas of the home, and more. All of this can be done remotely so if you’re not home and you want to get some cleaning done, then this won’t be a problem.

Low maintenance

One of the reasons why the yeedi vac 2 pro could be the perfect robot vacuum is its low maintenance. If you were to opt for the model that comes with the self-emptying station, what this means is that the vac 2 pro will be able to empty the trash by itself with storage that is good for up to 30 days (assuming there isn’t much dirt).

This means that you can pretty much run the robot vacuum every day or every couple of days and you’ll only have to empty out the bag in the self-emptying station once a month which is honestly very convenient.

The vac 2 pro also features a battery that is good for up to 240 minutes of cleaning, and when it’s done, it can go back to its charging station to recharge itself, so you’ll never really have to worry about it dying halfway through a cleaning session.

Affordable pricing

If the yeedi vac 2 pro sounds like a robot vacuum cleaner you might be interested in, the company is actually running a promotion on its side and on Amazon as well:

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