YouTube is annoying users with 5-10 unskippable ads


Ads on YouTube videos are pretty common. It is how the company keeps its service free and how it allows and encourages creators to put out new videos, especially since they get a small cut from it.

Typically speaking, depending on the length of the video, we might see an ad at the start, one in the middle, and maybe one towards the end, which we suppose is fine. But now according to many users, it looks like YouTube is flooding videos with what they’re calling “bumper ads” and some users are reporting seeing as many as 5-10 ads within a video.

The worst part is that these ads are unskippable and they last up to 6 seconds long, so assuming the worst, we’re talking about 60 seconds of ads that users cannot skip at all. To be fair, ads on TVs are generally unskippable too, but considering that most YouTube videos don’t run for that long, 60 seconds is a long time to spend watching ads.

We’re not sure if YouTube might change how these ads are implemented following the backlash from users, but considering that ads are the platform’s biggest revenue generator, we’re not too optimistic about it, so it looks like users will have no choice but to put up with them for now.

Source: SamMobile

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