Future Samsung smartphones will ditch the physical buttons


All smartphones right now feature the use of physical buttons, whether it be a mute switch, a power on/off switch, volume rockers, and so on. But if a tweet by @OreXda is to be believed, Samsung’s future phones could see the company remove all physical buttons entirely.

Before you panic about 2023’s Galaxy S23 series or the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or Flip 5, apparently this transition won’t be happening so soon. In fact the tweet suggests that the earliest we might see it is in the Galaxy S25, which is about 3 years away.

It might seem a bit early to start discussing the Galaxy S25’s rumors, but we should point out that the concept of a button-less phone isn’t so outlandish. Remember back in the day when physical home buttons were a thing, and then these days it’s hard to imagine using a phone with a physical home button?

Plus, there have also been rumors in the past that suggested that Samsung could be removing the buttons from its phones (although those rumors have failed to come to pass), so this isn’t the first time we’re hearing about it. Also, if some of you recall, Apple has also been rumored to be developing an iPhone without physical buttons after a patent was discovered.

All of which seem to suggest that companies are looking to push the design of smartphones further and creating sleek devices that will no longer rely on physical mechanisms to work certain functions of the phone. It is unclear how any of these companies will achieve a button-less design, but what do you think? Is an entirely button-less smartphone something you might be interested in?

Source: SamMobile

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