Google’s latest Android update adds some new fun and accessibility features to the platform


While major Android updates tend to offer the most new features in an update, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Google is done introducing new features. In fact, if you’re looking forward to ways to improve your Android experience, then you’re in luck as Google has announced a new update that should help keep things fresh.

One of those new features is an update to Android’s Nearby Share. For those unfamiliar, Nearby Share is basically Android’s take on Apple’s AirDrop, allowing users to quickly share files with other devices nearby. With the update, users can set it so that whenever users transfer from one personal device to another, it can be done automatically even when the screen is off.

Google has also introduced some fun changes with emojis and Gboard, where the keyboard app will now be able to intelligently offer up emoji suggestions when you type, thus saving you time from having to search for an appropriate emoji.

There will also be changes made to Google Meet such as live sharing and multi-pinning. Google isn’t forgetting about its accessibility users and as part of the update, will introduce custom sounds on Sound Notifications that they have developed in partnership with the deaf and hard of hearing community. There will also be a new content with audio descriptions on Google TV for users who might have vision issues.

Last but not least, while not strictly Android, there will also be a small update to Wear OS with the introduction of a new Keep tile. This will allow users to access Google Keep quickly and easily on their Wear OS smartwatch, dictate a note, or create a checklist directly within their smartwatch itself without having to pull up the app on their phone.

These changes are in the process of being rolled out, so keep an eye out for them if you think that any of these changes could be useful for you.

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