The Lenovo Glasses T1 lets you watch videos on the go in private


In the recent years, one of things we’ve noticed companies have been trying to do is create a wearable headset, one that can be worn around easily and isn’t big and bulky, unlike some of the VR headsets we’re seeing these days.

It looks like Lenovo could have achieved just that as the company has announced the Lenovo Glasses T1. This is a wearable headset that straps a display to your face and lets you enjoy all kinds of video content while on the go.

We say on the go because unlike VR headsets that usually require a computer to be tethered to, Lenovo claims that the Glasses T1 will actually play nicely with mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. All it requires is a USB-C connection and users are good to go.

While it sounds like it might be useful for entertainment purposes, Lenovo believes that the Glasses T1 could be perfect for working professionals as well. By putting the display in front of you, it means that no one else but you can see what’s on your screen, thus allowing you to work in a public space while maintaining a degree of privacy.

The Glasses T1 will work with prescription glasses via an attachable frame, and can be adjusted with swappable nose clips and temple arms to get the right fit. It’s actually pretty cool and we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

Lenovo is targeting its release in China late 2022, and other markets in 2023. There is no mention of pricing just yet, but hopefully it won’t be prohibitively expensive.

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