Jabra unveils its new Elite 5 earbuds for $150


There are so many true wireless earbuds in the market now that it can feel a bit intimidating when it comes to choosing one for yourself. If you’re looking for something that isn’t too expensive but aren’t too cheap either, then Jabra might have actually hit the sweet spot with its latest earbuds – the Jabra Elite 5.

Priced at $150, the Elite 5s are actually a good deal for earbuds especially when you consider its specs and the features that you’re getting for your money. For starters, the Elite 5 will support multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, which means that you can pair it with multiple devices at the same time, saving you time from disconnecting and reconnecting.

It also support a variety of codecs include aptX, AAC, and SBC, so for the most part you should be covered. There is also an IP55 rating which makes it dust and water resistant up to a certain degree, which means that you should be able to use it at the gym and not be worried about a little sweat getting on it.

As for the actual earbuds themselves, they come with a pair of 6mm drivers (one on each side) along with support for features like Android Fast Pair, Windows Swift Pair, and digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. There is active noise-canceling and there are six built-in microphones with wind noise suppression to help make sure your voice comes through clearly. Jabra claims that users can also get as much as 7 hours out of the earbuds and up to 28 hours with its charging case.

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