Aug 31st, 2022

Thanks to game streaming services like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it allows gamers to stream their favorite Xbox games onto non-console devices, like their Android smartphones. Of course, playing on a touchscreen is usually less than ideal when it comes to games that require a physical controller.

This is why if you’re into mobile gaming, then you might be interested to learn that GameSir has since announced the X2 Pro Xbox gaming controller. This is a mobile gaming controller that has been officially licensed from Microsoft and will play nicely with Xbox cloud games when you’re streaming it to your Android smartphone.

The X2 Pro Xbox comes with features that you might want, need, and expect from a gaming controller. We’re talking about Hall Effect analog triggers, joysticks, physical buttons, and also back buttons that users will be able to customize according to their needs. The ABXY buttons themselves are also removable, which means that users can swap them around to their ideal position.

If this sounds like a gaming controller you might be interested in, the GameSir X2 Pro Xbox will be available on the 1st of September for $79.99 where it will also come with a free 1 month access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for new subscribers.

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