Aug 30th, 2022

A while back, we mentioned that Logitech and Tencent were reportedly working together on a gaming handheld, which will utilize cloud-gaming technology and software to give players access to services like Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud gaming platform, as well as other services like NVIDIA GeForce Now. While not much has been revealed about the system, a new leaked post sheds some light on the possible design of the device.

A Twitter post by veteran tech informant Evan Blass shares some images of the device, currently known as the “Logitech G” handheld. The photos show hands-on usage of the Logitech G, as well as a glance of its user interface, which shows a Google Play icon in a layout similar to the Nintendo Switch UI. However, clicking on the images on the Tweet itself displays a copyright notice, and they seem to have been removed on such grounds.

As handheld technology has become more affordable and available in the past years, we’ve seen a lot of new names and devices pop up in the handheld console scene, running on either Android or Windows-based software platforms.

With that said, the Logitech G handheld joins several other new handheld devices which are out on the market now, including the Nintendo Switch, AYA Neo Air, and Steam Deck, to name a few. No official announcement has been made regarding the handheld, however, so details like hardware specs, pricing, availability, as well as compatible software are yet to be revealed.

Source: Twitter

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