Snap gives up on its drone ambitions after less than 6 months


Snap’s core product is Snapchat, but as Snap is probably aware, social media follows trends and despite Snapchat being one of the more popular social media platforms out there, the company knows that it is possible that one day, it could be rendered irrelevant.

This is why over the years, the company has pursued other interests, like the Spectacles, and back in April, the Pixy drone. But it looks like the company’s drone ambitions are no more, at least as far as the Pixy is concerned. This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal where during a Q&A session, Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that they would be halting development of the drone.

For those unfamiliar, the Pixy drone was announced towards the end of April earlier this year. It is a drone designed to help users take selfies in a fun and unique way, but at $250, it is kind of an expensive tool just for selfies. We’re not sure if Snap has plans to develop other types of drones in the future, but as far as the Pixy is concerned, it is dead in the water.

While the idea felt very novel, we have to applaud Snap for at least attempting to step outside of its comfort zone and try to pursue other avenues instead of purely relying on Snapchat. We’ve seen other platforms like Meta try their hand at hardware also with relatively not much success, and with drone brands like DJI dominating the market, we’re not sure if the Pixy had much of a fighting chance to begin with.

Source: Android Authority

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