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DEAL: Nest WiFi 2-pack is half price right now


If you’re looking for an affordable mesh router system for your home, then you definitely won’t want to miss out on this deal for Google’s Nest WiFi. This is because right now, the 2-pack is being discounted by a whopping and very generous 50%, so instead of paying $299 for the device, you’ll only have to pay $148.25.

Getting a mesh router is a good idea if you find that certain parts of your home have WiFi dead spots. Unlike range extenders, whose connection can sometimes be quite fickle, mesh routers are more stable and can also, in theory, offer up faster speeds than range extenders can.

One of the advantages of the Nest WiFi is support for Google Assistant, plus it is also relatively small compared to other mesh routers, making it perfect if you need to blend it into your home environment, so head on over to Amazon to check out this deal while it lasts.

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