The OneOdio Monitor 80 headphones deliver a great mix for professional audio


There are so many different headphones in the market today that you might feel overwhelmed with all these choices. Diving deeper into the headphones world, you start to realize that there are different types of headphones for different needs and use scenarios.

For example, there are headphones designed for gamers that tend to focus more on built-in microphones and voice clarity, as well as surround sound so that you can tell where your enemies come from. Then there are headphones designed for audiophiles which focus on the drivers, driver materials, and sound signature.

Then you can headphones that are aimed at working professionals, such as video editors or sound engineers and tends to do away with some of the fluff you might expect from regular consumer-grade headphones. If a set of professional cans are something that you’ve been looking for, then perhaps OneOdio’s Monitor 80 might be worth checking out.

Designed for professionals

Like we said earlier, headphones designed for working professionals tend to be a bit different in their emphasis compared to regular consumer headphones. The Monitor 80 is no exception and according to OneOdio, they have outfitted the headphones with high-impedance speakers.

For those unfamiliar, high-impedance headphones tend to be built with thinner voice coils and are wound so that there is less air in between the wires. The idea is that this will help reduce sound distortion and can produce better bass.

Since sound engineers need to ensure that they can hear everything to properly mix the audio, high-impedance speakers are the way to go. The headphones come equipped with 40mm dynamic drivers and are also Hi-Res Audio certified and recognized by both JAS and CEA.

This means that they have been tested and found to be able to surpass CD-quality audio. It also features a frequency response of 10Hz-40KHz and a sensitivity of 100dB +/- 3dB.

OneOdio has also paid attention to the looks of the headphones and opted for a somewhat simple design in black with some silver accents. If you’re someone who prefers their headphones to look simple and not flashy, these will fit right in in a professional setting.

Comfortable, open-back design

You might notice that some headphones feature grills/vents on the side and some that are completely sealed up. While it might be an aesthetic choice to a certain degree, it does play a role in how the audio sounds.

Having an open-back design allows for better “breathability” when the diaphragm moves, which in turn can help to create better sound staging. There is also a certain degree of comfort involved as well because since the open-back design allows air to pass through, it can reduce air pressure from building up as a result of bass.

This will allow users to wear the headphones for longer and reduce ear fatigue. Speaking of comfort, the Monitor 80 comes with a set of velour ear pads that are soft to the touch. The ear cups can also be adjusted and there is a spring steel headband which helps ensure a good fit, while also making it somewhat durable compared to other headphones that might only feature the use of plastic in the headband’s construction.

A wired design in a wireless world

These days, a lot of headphones are created with mobile phone users in mind, and with the 3.5mm port disappearing from the majority of smartphones, headphone makers are focusing on wireless design.

The problem with wireless is that Bluetooth connectivity can be spotty, and some also believe that the audio quality isn’t quite as good compared to wired. Not to mention you’ll have to deal with battery life.

The OneOdio Monitor 80 is a set of wired headphones and actually features the use of a detachable cable. The company has actually bundled two different types of cables with the Monitor 80, a 3m regular 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable, and another coiled cable that’s more durable and features 3.5mm to 6.35mm jacks.

The former might be better suited if you’re looking to connect it to a laptop or desktop or tablet, while the latter is aimed more towards users who might need to connect it to a set of turntables or an audio interface, and bundling both options is a nice touch as it gives users some flexibility.

Affordable pricing

So if you’re sold on the OneOdio Monitor 80, you might be pleased to learn that it’s actually pretty affordable for a set of professional-grade headphones. They are priced at $99.99 and if you were to use the Obtenir30% coupon code (valid through 09/12/2022) upon check out, you can get them for just $69.99. If you want to pick them up on Amazon, you can grab the OneOdio Monitor 80 headphones with a 15% discount + a $10 coupon which bring the final price down to $74.99 between now and 09/12/2022.

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