Jul 29th, 2022

YouTube Shorts are a great way for creators to gain more audience because unlike regular YouTube videos which tend to run longer, Shorts are short (pun intended) and could be a useful tool for creators to post different styles of videos, use it as a way to make announcements, and so on.

But this usually means that creators would need to create a second video, which is more work. For creators who want to use Shorts to promote their existing videos, it appears that YouTube has since launched a new tool that allows users to import their YouTube videos into Shorts.

What this means is that creators can use a current video and import it into Shorts so that they don’t need to make two separate videos. According to YouTube, creators will be able to edit these imported videos using the same editing tools available in YouTube, so they can add text, use the timeline editor, add filters, and so on.

According to YouTube:

“Shorts created from VODs will link back to the original long-form videos so that people watching your Short can see the original video too. Importantly, only you as the original creator will be able to import your long-form videos into Shorts as this tool is not available for other creators to use on your content.”

It actually sounds like a pretty useful feature so if you are a YouTube creator, then this tool could be a good way to get some extra mileage out of your existing videos without you having to film something separate.

Source: YouTube

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