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How to save WEBP images as JPEG


In the very early days of the internet, images uploaded to the internet were typically uploaded as GIF or BMP files. While GIFs are still around and are still a popular choice for animated images like memes, JPEG is one of the more common formats that you might find, but it looks like it might be overtaken by WEBP in the future.

So what is WEBP? This is a new image format that was created by Google. It is designed to be a way for creators to upload images to their websites that are not only smaller in size, but aren’t quite as compressed compared to other formats, which means that they can retain their details without taking up a lot of space and bandwidth.

The problem with WEBP is that not all image editing software supports it, meaning that in some cases, you would have to convert a WEBP image to JPEG or PNG before you can use it. If that’s an issue for you, we’ve found a quick and easy way to directly save WEBP images in JPEG or PNG, and here’s how.

Saving WEBP images as JPEG or PNG

Like we said, you can use image conversion services online, but that usually involves downloading the image first, uploading it to the website, and then downloading it again in its new format. That’s a lot of unnecessary steps, which is why we are recommending the “Save image as Type” Chrome extension.

  1. Download and install the extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Once the extension has been downloaded, go to the website whose image you’re trying to save
  3. Right-click the image
  4. Go to “Save image as Type”
  5. Select the format you want
  6. Save the image file like you normally would and you’re done

You will now be able to open and edit the image file with any image editing software you choose without having to convert it. There are applications like Adobe’s Photoshop that does support WEBP, but if you use a different software that doesn’t support WEBP, then the method outlined above is a good workaround.

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