Samsung just hired one of Apple’s semiconductor specialists


Say what you will about Apple’s products, but if there is one thing the company has done quite well for itself over the years would be its custom chipsets, especially with the recent transition to Apple Silicon which saw Apple replace Intel’s processors with their own for their Mac computers.

Safe to say that to get to that point, Apple had to spend a lot of resources, but now it seems that one of Apple’s specialists has left the company to work for one of their rivals – Samsung. This is according to a report from Business Korea where it was said that Samsung had managed to hire Apple semiconductor specialist, Kim Woo-pyeong.

It is unclear what Kim was working on at Apple before they joined Samsung, but prior to their job at Apple, he had worked with the likes of Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. With his new role at Samsung, Kim will be the director of the Packaging Solution Center, but what exactly their new role entails is unclear and we’re not sure whether or not they will be involved in the development of Samsung’s Exynos chipsets.

While Samsung’s Exynos chipsets are designed to be the company’s answer to Apple and Qualcomm, it has gotten quite a bit of a bad rap over the years for falling behind the competition. Maybe the hiring of Kim will see Samsung’s bolster their Exynos efforts, but we suppose only time will tell.

Source: SamMobile

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