Realme Watch 3 announced with a larger display


Realme, probably best known for their smartphones, has announced its latest smartwatch in the form of the Realme Watch 3. This is the successor to last year’s model and one of the main upgrades we’re looking at is a larger 1.8-inch display with a “Horizon Curved Glass”, as Realme calls it.

It is still an LCD instead of LED, for those who care about these types of things, and it features a max brightness of 500 nits, which is actually plenty bright. As expected of a smartwatch, it does come with a host of fitness related features such as 110 sports modes for users to choose from and built-in GPS for those who like logging their runs or hikes.

There are also sensors for monitoring heart rate, tracking blood oxygen saturation levels, along with sleep tracking. The Realme Watch 3 also comes with an IP68 rating but apparently despite that, the company claims it cannot be used for swimming. It also features a built-in loudspeaker with an amplifier to help boost the sound, and it also features the use of AI for noise cancellation to help your calls sound better.

As for battery, the Realme Watch 3 is expected to last for 7 days on a single charge. This isn’t too bad except for the fact that its predecessor boasted 12 days of battery, so we’re not sure what’s with the downgrade. The watch is currently slated for launch in India on the 2nd of August where it will sell for Rs3,499 which is roughly $44 after conversion.

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