Jul 21st, 2022

Modern day Bluetooth headphones usually offer simultaneous connections. This means that one pair of headphones can be connected with multiple devices at once, like your phone, tablet, and laptop, making it quicker for users to switch between devices without having to fiddle around the settings every time.

As convenient as that sounds, it’s not the most perfect setup, which is why Google has announced that ahead of the Pixel Buds Pro’s release next week, the company has started to enable Android’s audio switching feature.

For those unfamiliar, audio switching is built off Android’s Fast Pair feature. In some ways, it works similar to simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity, except that it is smarter. For example, you’re listening to music on your tablet and a call comes in on your phone. Instead of having to pause the music, you can simply answer your phone and the audio will switch automatically.

The idea here is that the technology will be smart and contextual enough to understand which sounds are important and when to make the switch. This means that the switch won’t necessarily happen all the time, but users should get a notification to let them know. The Pixel Buds Pro will be the first pair of earbuds that will be taking advantage of this feature, but Google says that they will be enabling compatibility with select headphones from Sony and JBL in the future.

Source: Google

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