Jul 20th, 2022

The tech industry is no stranger to seeing promising and popular companies and products become integrated into larger entities as part of business deals and such. With that said, Nova Launcher, one of the more popular Android customization apps, has been acquired by Branch, a data analytics firm. The acquisition also included Sesame Search, a universal search and shortcut tool on Android.

The new development was made known through an official announcement on the official Nova Launcher website by Kevin Barry, the app’s creator. As per his statement, “I’ve made, make and will continue to make Nova Launcher. Today I’m announcing that Branch has acquired Nova Launcher, and hired myself and Cliff Wade (Nova Community Manager). Branch has also acquired Sesame Search and hired the Sesame Crew (Steve Blackwell and Phil Wall). I’ll continue to control the direction and development of Nova Launcher, and that direction is unchanged.”

One of the best features of Android is that it lets users customize visual elements of the interface like icons, widgets, animations, and more, with the use of launcher apps. Nova Launcher is one of the more popular Android launcher apps due to its relative ease of use, versatility, as well as flexibility when it came to changing the look and feel of a phone’s operating system.

With these recent developments, it’s most likely that users will also see upcoming Branch service integration within the app soon.

Source: Nova Launcher

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