Instagram introduces subscriber-exclusive features for creators


Earlier this year, Instagram announced that they will be allowing creators to create subscriptions. This is pretty much what you think it is, where creators can lock content behind a paywall that only their subscribers can access. It is also a good way for creators to earn some money from their posts.

Now in a tweet by Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, he has announced some new exclusive features that would only be available to subscribers. This includes subscriber chats which are hosted by creators. These chats will allow up to 30 subscribers in one chat at once, allowing creators to stay in touch with their community.

Creators will also be able to post Reels and Posts that are subscriber-exclusive and these posts will be marked with a Subscriber badge to distinguish the post from other public posts. Last but not least, creators with Subscriber content will also have a “Subscriber home” tab on their profiles.

This allows subscribers of the creator to view all the exclusive content available only to them, or if users aren’t subscribed, this tab will give them a chance to sign up. These changes should already be live and rolling out to users, so if you’re a subscriber or if you’re a creator, it could be something to look forward to.

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