Jul 12th, 2022

Carrier plan prices tend to be pretty competitive because they know that customers can easily pack up and hop on over to a competitor. Now it looks like Verizon is hoping to entice more customers over to its platform by launching a new “Welcome Unlimited” plan, which will be a cheaper alternative to some of the carrier’s current plans.

The new Welcome Unlimited plan is priced at $30 per line per month for four lines when customers have Auto Pay enabled, and will give customers unlimited calls, texts, and data coverage. The company will also be offering customers a $240 Verizon e-gift card per line whenever the customer activates an already-owned LTE or 5G phone in the new plan.

Of course, there are certain conditions and that is your phone has to be active on the plan for at least 45 days, and that the full amount is yours to claim as long as your service is active for 12 months.

For those who aren’t in a family of at least four members, the plan will cost $65 per month for a single line, and two lines are priced at $55 per line per month, so obviously if you have a larger family, this will work out to be “cheaper”. Verizon does note that during peak usage periods, your connection might be slower. It also lacks Mobile Hotspot functionality, so if you rely on that feature a lot, you might need to look elsewhere.

For those who are keen, you can head on over to Verizon’s website for the details.

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