Jul 7th, 2022

No one likes ads, but they’re necessary because they help keep some services free to use, like our website, for example, or Google’s suite of products and services. To be fair, most ads aren’t very intrusive, but that could change soon if US carriers have their way.

According to a report from TechCrunch, they have heard from their sources that a Google-backed company called “Glance” could soon be making its way to the US and could be working with US carriers to deliver ads to your phone’s lockscreen.

The company is a subsidiary of the InMobi Group which started in India and has received an investment from Google. The reason why some of you have never heard of them is because Glance largely operates in Asia where they service about 400 million smartphones. Assuming the report is accurate, it seems that Glance is looking to kick off their US operations within the next two months.

The main difference is that over in Asia, Glance works with smartphone manufacturers directly, but in markets like the US with carriers have more say over devices used on their networks, Glance is expected to work directly with them, meaning that no device (save maybe for iPhones) are safe from this.

Not much else is known about this and it is unclear if this is going to be an opt-in or opt-out feature (the latter makes more sense), but as Gizmodo has discovered, there are online threads where people are sharing ways of disabling these ads from showing, although it appears to be slightly tricky and not particularly obvious.

Source: 9to5Google

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