Samsung could focus more on its foldables at the expense of the rest of its lineup

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Samsung has many phones under its belt, ranging from low and mid-range offerings in its Galaxy A series, to its flagship Galaxy S series, and its foldables. But that could change in the future, or at least that’s what some industry analysts seem to believe.

According to a report from The Korea Times, it quotes head of research at Kiwoom Securities, Kim Ji-san, as saying that he believes that moving forwards, Samsung could try to focus more on its foldable phones and place less emphasis on its Galaxy A and Galaxy S series.

“Samsung will lower its sales target of the Galaxy A and the Galaxy S series and focus on selling new foldable phones to be released in August. Inflation has a more negative impact on the sales of low-priced phones than on high-priced ones.”

While there is no doubt that Samsung’s foldables are doing better year after year, we’re not sure if abandoning or neglecting the rest of its lineup is such a good idea. After all, not everyone is sold on the idea of foldables, and with its prices still being pretty high, it’s not exactly affordable (yet).

We did hear rumors that Samsung could be planning to create more affordable foldables in the future, but when exactly that will happen remains to be seen. Take note that this is just the opinion of an industry analyst so it remains to be seen what Samsung plans to do in the years ahead.

Source: The Korea Times

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