Hangouts app on Android and iOS stops working for many users


Every so often, Google announces a new product or service that is similar to an older one. A good example would be Hangouts, which has been around for the longest time ever, where Google is now trying to get users to migrate over to Chat.

So much so that according to many Android and iOS users, it seems that the Hangouts app has stopped working for them. When these users launch the app, they are greeted with a message saying, “It’s time for Chat in Gmail” that essentially forces users to either download the dedicated Chat app or chat with their friends via the Chats tab in Gmail.

This shouldn’t be surprising for those who have been following the news. It was only last week that Google announced that classic Hangouts would be going away for free users as they started migrating over to Chat. This process is expected to conclude in October, but it appears that Google has already started the migration process that is affecting many users.

The company had previously migrated its Workspace users earlier this year, so it was really only a matter of time. Users should still be able to chat with their friends and contacts using Google Chat, so it’s more or less the same, just using a different interface. If you were previously a Hangouts user, now might be a good time to download the Google Chat app onto your phone to prevent any upcoming disruptions.

Source: 9to5Google

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