Samsung might have figured out a way to make cheaper, bezel-less OLED displays


One of the reasons for rising prices of smartphones is because more manufacturers are turning to OLED panels. But it seems that Samsung could have figured out a way to make the manufacturing process cheaper, while at the same time potentially creating displays that have even thinner bezels.

This is according to a report out of South Korea where Samsung is testing out an inkjet-like OCR process that sprays a transparent adhesive onto a display panel. This is versus the current method that requires transparent adhesive tapes. As a result, this is said to not only make the manufacturing process more affordable, but also less time-consuming.

This bonding technique also has another upside where it makes it easier to work around the edges of the display and has greater accuracy around the punch hole section, which means that future phones that benefit from this technique could have bezels thinner than before, while keeping the entire process more affordable.

The company hasn’t started to apply this technique to its production lines yet. They will be  testing it out via mass production trials at its Vietnam factory and are also seeking other suppliers other than 3M to potentially cut costs even further, so it might be a while before we see this technique put into action.

Source: SamMobile

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