Give the gift of Power with Bluetti’s amazing Father’s Day discounts!


Father’s Day is around the corner and if you’re still wondering what to get for your dad, then maybe Bluetti can help. The company has announced a Father’s Day sale where they are discounting a handful of their power stations. These power stations range in size and battery capacity, so you should be able to find something perfect for your dad.

BLUETTI AC300 + B300

Like we said, Bluetti has quite a number of power stations available, but if you think your dad might be able to appreciate something that has a lot of power that can be used for long periods outdoors, then the Bluetti AC300 and B300 combo could be the perfect gift.

This is thanks to the modular design of the AC300 which allows users to add up to two B300 units to it. It features 3,000W of pure sine wave AC that will allow it to power all manner of devices without any issue. The battery modules can also support solar recharging, which means that if you have the time and there is sufficient sunlight, you will be able to recharge it without plugging it into an AC outlet.

If you’re interested, the AC300 + B300 will be priced at $3,599, discounted by about $200 down from its regular retail price of $3,798.


The AC300 unit is designed to be relatively portable, meaning that you could bring it out with you in a car to a camping site, beach, on a hike, and so on. But if you need something that stays at home, the EP500 Pro could be it. The EP500 Pro offers 3000W pure sine wave output and also features a built-in touchscreen so you can see information about the power station at a glance.

While it is designed for the home, it does come with a set of wheels which means that you can easily wheel it around the house if you need to bring it to a different room. While it isn’t a modular system like the AC300, it does have a battery that’s rated for over 3,500 cycles, which means that you could technically recharge it to full daily and it would still last you a good 10 years.

The EP500 Pro will retail for $4,999 which is a $1,000 discount from its regular asking price of $5,999.


Now, the models listed above are pretty big and can be bulky. If you don’t happen to own a pickup truck or an RV where you can store these power stations and want something smaller that could fit into a regular sedan, then the EB70S and EB55 power stations could be a better choice.

The main differences between both models are their battery capacities, where the EB70S has a larger 716Wh battery, while the EB55 has a smaller 537Wh battery. There is also a difference in their power output at 800W and 700W respectively, but it should still be more than enough to power most gadgets you might bring with you outdoors.

Both models also support solar charging so if you don’t have access to an AC outlet, as long as there is enough sunlight, you will be able to recharge it outside under the sun.

The EB70S is priced at $569 normally, but will retail for $449 after its VIP discount. The EB55 retails at $499 normally, but for VIPs, it will be priced at $399.

Bluetti’s Exclusive VIP Sales

If you’re looking for more discounts, then Bluetti will also be running some VIP exclusive deals. To qualify to be part of Bluetti’s VIP program, you would need to have purchased something from them in the past worth at least $10. Once you qualify, these are the exclusive discounts you can unlock.

12th June VIP Deals

  • AC50S – $379 $299
  • EB55 – $499 $399
  • EB70 – $569 $449
  • AC200P – $1599 $1399
  • AC200MAX – $1899 $1699

19th June VIP Deals

  • B230 – $1399 $1199
  • B300 – $1999 $1699
  • AC300 – $1799 $1599
  • EP500Pro – $5499 $4699
  • PV200 – $499 $399

Last but not least, Bluetti will be running a Lucky Wheel promotion where for every order over $2,000 placed during the Father’s Day event (June 12-22), customers get to spin the Lucky Wheel. There will be various rewards available including Bluetti Bucks, a free AC200 MAX, and more.

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