Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 will launch this year, but might skip August event


This coming August, Samsung is rumored to be hosting an event. The company has hosted events around this time of the year in the past, and we expect that it will most likely see the company unveil the new Galaxy Z foldable phones and the Galaxy Watch 5, but it might not see the launch of the Galaxy Buds Pro 2.

This is according to a tweet by @chunvn8888 who reiterates the claims that the Galaxy Z devices and the Watch 5 will be revealed at the event, but not the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. We’re not sure why Samsung isn’t announcing all of the devices at once, but perhaps it might be simply too many devices and the company doesn’t want to overwhelm its customers.

The earbuds are still earmarked for 2022, so if were looking to upgrade your current earbuds, you might have to wait later or possibly earlier than the Unpacked event, which is currently rumored to take place on the 10th of August.

Not much is known about the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 right now, but presumably it will at the very least come with the same features as its predecessor, such as better audio quality compared to the regular Galaxy Buds and active noise cancellation. Maybe Samsung could include some health-related features with the earbuds, but that’s just speculation on our end, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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