Jun 7th, 2022

At the moment, Google offers a 4K Chromecast dongle with Google TV priced at $50, which isn’t too bad of a deal if you’re looking for a Google TV device and also want to be able to stream content from your phone or laptop directly to a TV.

But what if you don’t want to spend $50? To be fair, $50 isn’t exactly a lot of money, but it seems that maybe Google is hoping to entice more customers to hop on board the Chromecast and Google TV bandwagon because according to a report from Chromecast Hub, they have spotted a mysterious Google device at the FCC that they speculate could be a new lower-end Chromecast model.

There have been rumors suggesting that Google could be working on a new Chromecast device that would only support 1080p resolution, making it a lower-end alternative to the current 4K model. While the FCC filing does not come right out and say it’s a Chromecast device, the description does mention video streaming capability of up to 1080p and 60Hz refresh rate.

Google I/O came and went without any hardware announcements so it is unclear when this new Chromecast model could be announced, nor how much it will cost. Given that it caps out at 1080p, we expect it will probably be cheaper than the 4K model and could appeal to emerging markets and consumers on a tighter budget.

Source: Chromecast Hub

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