Chrome will soon block “disruptive” websites from sending you notifications


Notifications in Chrome can be useful when used properly, but there are some websites that abuse the system and asks for all kinds of permissions immediately after it loads. It can get annoying and disruptive and in some cases, some users might actually grant it the permissions it asks without fully knowing or understanding why.

The good news is that Google is working to fix that. In a recently discovered code change, it appears that Google is working on an update to Chrome where in the future, the browser will be able to revoke a website’s permission to send notifications as well as block future attempts to ask for that permission.

Google already has some protections in place to deal with unwanted notifications. This was introduced back in 2020 where Chrome will “quiet” the notification prompt. As noted by 9to5Google, the main difference between Google’s previous implementation and the upcoming change is that the current design still puts the power and choice in your hands, while the upcoming change will let Google decide for you.

It might sound like a bad thing that Google is removing choices for users, but as the company had mentioned back in 2020, there are some malicious websites that could trick users into granting permissions, so at least with this change, it takes the guesswork out for users who might have otherwise fallen prey to such scams.

Keep in mind that this won’t impact all websites, just those that Google deems as being “disruptive”, so on the user’s end it shouldn’t really affect them in a negative way (we hope).

Source: 9to5Google

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