Samsung Might Reduce Phone Manufacturing by 30 Million for 2022


There’s no doubt that Samsung is one of the biggest names when it comes to smartphone brands. The company sells millions of phones every year across different countries, with different product ranges. However, new information indicates that the company might reduce its production numbers this year.

A report from Sammobile references information obtained from a Korean news site, which claims that Samsung has moved forward with a decision to cut phone production by 30 million units this year. This massive reduction comes as a result of the worldwide COVID pandemic, which has undoubtedly affected multiple economies, and countless businesses and corporations across the globe.

With that said, Samsung is expected to cut its production targets on its low to mid-end smartphones, as well as its flagship handsets. Originally, the company was aiming to produce 310 million units of smartphones for this year, but has now reduced its target number to 280 million units.

Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer that has had to adapt, however. Other brands like Apple are reported to have taken drastic steps in reducing costs by cutting down on smartphone manufacturing, and as such, the Cupertino-based company has reduced production numbers of its iPhone SE model by as much as 20%.

Source: Sammobile

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