May 16th, 2022

Right now, all the foldable displays we’ve seen that are commercially available can only fold 180-degrees, meaning that from its close position, it can be unfolded until it becomes flat. This is actually already pretty rad when you think about how far we’ve come from the early days of the smartphone, but LG is taking it one step further.

At the SID 2022 Display Week, the company showed off a new foldable display that could be folded 360-degrees. This means that the device could be opened all the way around, so the foldable display from the inside of the phone is now on the outside of the phone.

Essentially, it allows a phone like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series, where the foldable display is on the inside, to be unfolded and transformed into a device like the original Huawei Mate X where the foldable display is on the outside. It’s an interesting concept, although we’re not sure how exactly such a device would be used.

According to LG, the foldable display is made using Ultra-Thin Glass technology and has a coating designed to ward off fingerprints. The company also claims that it is good for about 200,00 folds under normal circumstance. That being said, there’s no word on who might be interested in picking up the display and using it in their products, so for now it’s more of a proof-of-concept than anything.

Source: LG

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