BLUETTI has some gift ideas you might want to check out for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is around the corner and usually what I like to do is buy some flowers and cake and take my mom out for a nice dinner to celebrate the occasion. But if your mom is more of a practical kind of person and can appreciate practical gifts, then BLUETTI might have some gadgets worth checking out.

The company is offering discounts across several of its products to celebrate the special day, so even if your mom isn’t necessarily looking for new electronics, you could always take advantage of these deals to grab something for yourself.

BLUETTI AC300 + B300 Combo

One of the things BLUETTI is known for is their power systems that act as massive batteries that you can use to power appliances in your home if there is a blackout, or if you’re out camping in the wild but still want access to some modern-day creature comforts. The AC300 is BLUETTI’s modular system that comes with one B300 battery (it actually supports up to four B300s).

This offers users an advantage by letting them configure the system to their personal power needs. It offers a 3,000W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter and can even be boosted to 24,576Wh/6000W/240V, meaning that it is powerful enough to run high-load devices. As part of the company’s Mother’s Day promotion, the combo is being discount down to $3,499 instead of its original price of $3,798.

BLUETTI EP500/EP500Pro Solar Power Station

The problem with some of these power systems is that in order to store a lot of energy, a huge battery must be used, which in turn makes it incredibly bulky and heavy. With the EP500/EP500 Pro, the company has slapped some wheels onto it that makes moving it around a lot easier.

It comes with a 2,000W rated pure sine wave AC inverter (3000W for the EP500 Pro), and can store enough energy where it will actually be able to power your entire home for 1-2 days in the event you experience power outage. There are 15 different outlet sources so you can power all manner of gadgets and appliances, ranging from laptops, to air conditioners, and even electric vehicles.

As part of the promotion, the EP500 has been discounted to $4,399 down from $4,599, while the EP500 Pro has been discounted to $4,999, down from its original price of $5,999.

BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station

While the AC300 and EP500 are great choices for power stations, if you’re after an all-in-one system that’s also relatively small enough for you to put in your car and bring around with you, then perhaps the AC200MAX might be a good choice. It offers a 2,200W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter and has a built-in 2,048Wh battery.

Its battery is rated for over 3,500 cycles which means that even if you were to recharge it everyday, it should last you for years to come. This battery can also be expanded upon using BLUETTI’s B230 or B300 batteries. It also supports solar charging and offers 7 different ways that users can recharge.

The AC200MAX is normally priced at $1,999, but for Mother’s Day, it has been discounted down to $1,899.

BLUETTI EB70S Portable Power Station

Last but not least in BLUETTI’s Mother’s Day gift ideas is the EB70S. It is similar in concept to the AC200MAX, but the main difference is that it is smaller and thus a lot more compact and portable.

Naturally it won’t be quite as powerful where it tops out at 800W, and its battery is also smaller at 716Wh compared to the AC200MAX, but if your needs aren’t that great and you don’t have a lot of high-powered appliances, the EB70S could be a great alternative that’s also cheaper.

It is normally priced at $599 but it has since been discounted to $549, making it a great value for money alternative.

BLUETTI’s Mother’s Day Campaign

To celebrate Mother’s Day, BLUETTI is running a campaign where those who enter stand a chance to win free BLUETTI products. This campaign is being run on Instagram where according to the rules:

  1. Share your story and upload a photo with your mom, share and tag @bluetti_official
  2. Use #BLUETTIwithMom

The prizes that BLUETTI will be giving away are:

🎁1st prize: AC200P*3

🎁2nd prize: EB70*6

🎁3rd prize: AC50s*10

This giveaway campaign will be running from the 28th of April until the 10th of May, where the 19 winners will be officially announced on the 12th of May.

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