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Aqara launches a new smart motion sensor that promises a 5 year battery life


If you’re looking for a motion sensor to place in your home, one of the problems you might encounter is that some motion sensors require a wired connection which can limit its placement, or it comes with a battery that requires constant recharging/swapping out.

It appears that Aqara might have come up with something that’s a happy middle in their new P1 sensor. With this motion sensor, the company has created a device that is wire-free and runs on two CR2450 coin-cell batteries which according to Aqara, will allow the P1 to last for a whopping 5 years before it needs new batteries.

This is pretty crazy since it means you can leave it there and forget about it for half a decade and let it do its thing. As for the motion detection feature, users will be able to select various sensitivity options, set a timeout period from 1 second up to 200 seconds, and also choose from an adjustable viewing angle of up to 170-degrees. It is also capable of detecting motion from as far as 22 feet away.

It also features a stand that allows it to be positioned in various locations and angles (even upside down). That being said, one of the downsides is that it will require the use of a compatible Zigbee 3.0 Aqara hub, so that’s an additional purchase for those who don’t already own one. It will also play nicely with smart home platforms like Apple’s HomeKit, Alexa, and it also supports IFTTT for custom-made scenarios.

It is priced at $25 and will be available for purchase from Amazon, and Aqara is running a promotion where if you use the MOTIONUS code in the US and Canada, or EUMOTIONPI in Germany and France, you’ll get a 10% discount.

Aqara Motion Sensor P1
  • [NOTES] Requires Aqara Zigbee 3.0 hub (Not compatible with other Zigbee hubs). Requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi for Hub...
  • [5-Year Battery Life] The Motion Sensor P1 boasts an impressive five-year battery life, maintaining reliable performance even...

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