Apr 26th, 2022

Tech and gaming accessory manufacturer AYANEO has given details on its upcoming AYANEO Air, a handheld gaming device that is set to hit stores soon, and will compete primarily with devices like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. A post on the brand’s official website highlights some key features of the device.

According to AYANEO, the Air will feature a design which is lighter than the Nintendo Switch OLED, although it will be roughly the same size as Nintendo’s more affordable Switch Lite. The handheld will run on Windows, similar to the recently-launched Steam Deck. AYANEO also touts the device as the first-ever Windows handheld with an OLED screen. The device will run on an AMD chipset, although no specific model has been mentioned at the moment.

Additionally, the AYANEO Air will come with an X-axis linear motor, MicroSD card slot, and RGB lighting, among other hardware features. The company plans to formally launch the device this coming May, so we can expect more hardware details and pricing by then.

The trend of Windows-powered handheld consoles isn’t relatively new, as shown by companies like GPD and their wide selection of portable PC devices. However, the popularity of the Steam Deck has undoubtedly prompted more companies to enter this particular market niche, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see more brands try their hand at developing and selling more Windows-equipped gaming portables in the future.

Source: AYANEO

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