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Latest Android 13 beta makes reference to a dockable Nest Hub


The Nest Hub is a pretty useful gadget if you have a lot of smart home devices that are compatible with Google Home and Google Assistant, like using it as a video link for your smart video doorbell, or home security camera system, or as a device to reference cooking recipes while in the kitchen.

That being said, it seems that Google could be working on an update to the device and according to reference code discovered in the recently released Android 13 beta by Mishaal Rahan, it appears that Google could be looking to majorly revamp the device by turning it into a dockable smart display.

What this means is that instead of the display and speaker built into a singular device, the reference mentions docking. This seems to hint that the display portion of the Nest Hub could be removed and used as a regular tablet if you prefer, like if you’re in bed, on the sofa, and so on, but can also be docked back and used as a regular smart display when needed.

Presumably when undocked, it can still be used as a smart display and retain all of its connectivity features, so really the only reason you would dock it would be to charge it or take advantage of the built-in speakers for better audio. This is just speculation on our end, but hopefully Google will have more details to share at I/O 2022 next month.

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