EA offers incentives to players who pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile


If you loved playing EA’s Apex Legends on your PC and console, then you might have heard that EA is looking to bring the game onto mobile devices via Apex Legends Mobile. The game has yet to be launched, but the company is encouraging gamers to pre-register their interest in the game.

The company has offered rewards for hitting various milestones for pre-registrations in the form of in-game rewards. So far, there have been about 10,000,000 pre-registrations and it seems that isn’t enough for EA, so much so that they have expanded on the rewards for hitting the 15,000,000 and 25,000,000 mark.

When the game hits 15 million pre-registrations, players will be able to unlock a holospray, and if it hits 25 million pre-registrations, there will be an epic skin given to players. Given that the game did not seem to have any problems hitting the 10 million mark, we imagine that hitting 15 million shouldn’t be a problem, but 25 million does feel like a bit of a stretch.

There is currently no word on when Apex Legends Mobile will be released, but if you are interested in the game but haven’t pre-registered already, you can do so by heading on over to the Google Play Store and hitting the pre-register button.

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