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How to find Eco Friendly Driving suggestions on Google Maps


According to the International Energy Agency, vehicles on the road account for over 75% of transportation CO2 emissions and are one of the greatest sources of greenhouse gasses globally.

Google unveiled three new Google Maps enhancements today at their Sustainable with Google event to help reduce emissions and empower consumers with greener options when navigating from point A to point B.

Google Maps was upgraded with a new routing algorithm earlier this year that not only delivers you to your location as soon as possible, but it also focuses on lower fuel use, saving you money on petrol. Eco-friendly routing is currently available in the United States on, thanks to AI and insights from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, with ambitions to spread to Europe and beyond in 2022.

According to estimates, eco-friendly routing may save over one million tons of CO2 each year, which is the equivalent of eliminating over 200,000 automobiles from the road. In addition to displaying the quickest route, Google Maps will now now provide the most fuel-efficient path.

How to turn on eco mode

Image Source: Android Central

1. Search for any destination as you normally would within the app.

2. Scroll down until you see a button called Directions at the bottom left and press it.

3. Enter your start location.

4. When you’ve selected your star location look top right, of your screen and select More button

5. Scroll and Select Route options.

6. Select Prefer fuel-efficient routes.

7. Select Done.

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