Apr 20th, 2022

If there is a reason why we’re not necessarily seeing many new entrants in the smartphone market these days compared to say 6-7 years ago, it’s because of how stiff the competition is and how dominant some of these companies are, like Samsung.

According to the latest data from research firm Canalys, it looks like Samsung is maintaining their number one spot in the global smartphone market by commanding more than a fifth of the market share at a whopping 24%. Yes, despite the fact that there are many brands out there, a single company is holding more than a fifth of the smartphone market in the palm of their hands.

The data further reveals that the jump to 24% is actually an increase of 5% from Q4 2021 and also an improvement from Q1 2021 where Samsung controlled 21% of the global smartphone market. Given that Samsung creates phones for various segments of the market, ranging from low-end all the way to super high-end devices, it’s not surprising that they are in first place.

The report also goes on to reveal that Apple is in second place with 18% of the smartphone market for Q1 2022, putting them a good 6% behind Samsung, although to be fair, it’s still pretty impressive given that save for the iPhone SE, Apple’s smartphones are usually aimed at customers shopping for high-end devices.

Source: SamMobile

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