Apr 19th, 2022

Google One is Google’s paid cloud storage service and it is offered in various tiers depending on your needs. The highest tier is set at 2TB and is being labeled as a premium subscription, and it turns out that if you are subscribed to the 2TB plan, it looks like Google is giving away a free Titan key.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Titan key is a security key. It adds a layer of protection to your online accounts where you can only sign into those accounts if the key is plugged into your computer. It is similar to 2FA, but the main difference is that unlike normal 2FA that relies on OTPs sent via SMS or through an app, this uses a physical dongle.

In a way it is better because it means that no one can intercept your OTPs, plus as long as it’s plugged in, you don’t need to keep entering your OTPs. But the downside is that if you don’t have the key with you, then it might be a bit difficult to log into your accounts.

If you are a premium Google One subscriber, then head on over to the Home tab in the Google One app on your phone and it should be listed under “featured benefit”, and all you need to do is tap it and follow the instructions on how to claim it and it will then be sent to you.

It’s a pretty cool perk but unfortunately it appears to be only available to those living in the US, so if you’re subscribed outside of the US, then it looks like you’re out of luck.

Source: Android Police

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