Users might soon be able to send WhatsApp messages using the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses


You can send WhatsApp messages using your voice along with a digital assistant, it’s not a particularly new feature, but you would have to take your phone out of your pocket first to do so. That could change in the future where you might be able to send WhatsApp messages through Meta’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses.

This is according to an APK teardown by XDA Developers in which they discovered strings in the app that make references to the feature. Apparently this will work through Facebook Assistant, which for those unfamiliar is Facebook’s kind-of-forgotten take on digital assistants.

By using Facebook Assistant, users will be able to send messages through the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses without having to reach for their phone. The Ray-Ban Stories is Meta’s own smart glasses that they created in partnership with Ray-Ban. Given that the glasses already feature the use of Facebook Assistant, it makes sense that users can take advantage of the digital assistant to perform these types of actions.

Plus, with Meta owning WhatsApp, it makes sense that they would try to tie their products together for a more cohesive ecosystem. The APK teardown also discovered an image (see above) that seems to confirm the upcoming feature. That being said, we’re not sure when the feature will launch.

More often than not, companies tend to test out new features way ahead of time to work out the kinks and to see if it might be worth pursuing, so it’s hard to say if this will even make the final cut.

Source: XDA Developers

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