Several Samsung Galaxy S20 displays are suddenly and mysteriously failing


The Samsung Galaxy S20 is about two years old. By right, assuming that people don’t abuse their devices, it should still be working just fine. Maybe it’s a bit slower, the outside a bit more scuffed, but that’s just regular wear and tear. What’s not normal is that for some reason, there seems to be an influx of user reports on the display failing.

According to multiple user reports on Reddit, Twitter, and Samsung’s customer forums, users are reporting that they are starting to see pink or green lines running down the length of their Galaxy S20 displays. A common thread we’re seeing is that this happened after updating to the phone’s latest software, although there have also been some reports dating back to August 2021.

Image credit – u/bananabanana9876

It is unclear what could have been the cause of this issue and if this is a hardware defect or a software issue. It is possible that a software issue following the update could be causing the phone to display these streaks, but at the same time based on the photos, it looks like it could easily be a hardware issue as well.

Given that the phone is two years old now, it means that it is no longer under warranty. At least one user claims to have been lucky enough to get their screen replaced by Samsung for free, but unless this is a piece of defective hardware, we doubt everyone will be given the same treatment.

Source: Android Police

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