Polar’s new Pacer, Pacer Pro smartwatches are aimed at runners


Long before smartwatches and fitness trackers were so commonplace, Polar was actually one of the more popular choices when it came to devices like heart rate monitors. The company had a couple of models like the H7 meant to be worn across the chest, and then there was also its Pacer series of wrist-worn heart rate monitors.

Now it looks like Polar is reviving its Pacer brand name, but this time in the form of a couple of pairs of smartwatches in the form of the Pacer and Pacer Pro. Both these devices are aimed at runners and feature a lightweight design at around 40-ish grams, meaning that users can wear it on their runs and they won’t really feel it.

For the most part, both the Pacer and Pacer Pro are similar to each other. Both smartwatches feature a Memory In Pixel display protected by a Gorilla Glass 3.0 glass cover. Both also feature the use of a custom chipset and feature optical heart rate sensors and can also measure VO2 Max.

The main difference is that the Pro will feature additional sensors like a barometer for better gradient measurements when you’re running up or downhill, and turn-by-turn guidance.

Both watches can also share their data with third-party running apps, but if you want a more full-fledged smartwatch, then maybe these aren’t the devices for you. But if you’re serious about tracking your runs and want something that you would only use during your workouts, the Pacer and Pacer Pro will be priced at $199.90 and $299.90 respectively and are expected to ship out in May.

Source: Engadget

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