Snag Samsung’s latest M8 Smart Monitor and get $100 in credits


There is a reason why it is generally not recommended that you use a TV as your computer’s  display, even though TVs are cheaper. But we get how convenient it might be having a display that can switch between your computer and your TV and any set-top box connected to it, which is why if you like that convenience, Samsung’s new M8 Smart Monitor could be for you.

The M8 Smart Monitor features a 32-inch 4K display and comes with a detachable camera so you can use it for video conferencing. It also doubles up as a TV, thanks to Samsung bundling a TV platform with the display, meaning that if you want to watch shows that aren’t available on your computer, you can switch to the TV mode easily.

The best part is that you won’t need to have two devices, so if you’re trying to maintain a clean desk setup and not have too many gadgets lying around, then the M8 Smart Monitor could be for you. The monitor is priced at $730 but Samsung is also throwing in $100 of Samsung credit when you purchase it that you can use towards something else.

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