You will soon be able to fix your broken Samsung smartphone yourself


If you’ve ever broken the screen on your smartphone, you know that sending it back to the original company will probably end up costing you a pretty penny, especially compared to third-party repair shops. The upside is that at least the parts you’re getting are genuine, so you are paying for that peace of mind.

The good news is that in the future if you ever break your Samsung smartphone, it appears that the company will be sending customers the necessary tools and components, all genuine of course, if they feel like repairing the device themselves. This will be done through a partnership with iFixit.

Image credit – iFixit

Right now, the repairs will be limited to certain components only, namely the front and rear glass panels and the charging port. Also, it looks like it will only be available for the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21, and Tab S7 for now, but presumably more phones will be added to the list down the road.

This is huge news because for the longest time ever, many customers have bemoaned the cost of sending their phones back to the original company that made them, and while third-party repairs are an alternative, the lack of genuine components is also just as worrying, especially if companies start making practices like Apple where certain features of the phone are restricted due to it not using a genuine component.

Source: TechRadar

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