Dyson’s first wearable looks like something straight out of science fiction


Dyson is a brand many might associate with vacuum cleaners or fans, but it seems that the company is getting into wearables as they have debuted their first ever wearable device, the Dyson Zone.

If you’re a bit confused as to what the Zone is based on the images, we don’t blame you, but essentially it combines several gadgets into an all-in-one solution. This includes a pair of headphones and also an air filter for your mouth and nose. If you commute a lot and want to keep yourself relatively free from pollutants while enjoying your tunes, this could be it.

How it works is that the headphones themselves act as a form of suction where it sucks in air from your surroundings using tiny compressors. The air is then filtered and pushed out through the mouthpiece in front of the wearer’s face in the form of an “air bubble”. Dyson claims that the air filtration system is capable of filtering out 99% of particle pollution and only needs to be replaced about once a year.

The headphones themselves also features noise-cancellation and there are actually three different modes – normal noise-cancellation you might find from other headphones; one when you flip the mouthpiece down, presumably because you want to talk and listen to someone else; and one more that allows for some background noise to pass through, like the sound of car horns.

To be honest the initial images of the Dyson Zone looks rather heavy and bulky and we’re not sure how practical it is to wear all day. There was also no mention of how much it could cost either, but knowing Dyson’s products, it probably won’t come cheap.

Source: Dyson

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