US OnePlus 10 Pro will come with slower charging speeds


One of the selling points of the OnePlus 10 Pro is its 80W charging speeds. The handset was originally announced in China earlier this year and according to OnePlus, it will finally be available in other countries at the end of the month, which includes the US.

Unfortunately for US customers, if you’re planning on picking up the phone, keep in mind that the charging speeds of the phone will be slower than the rest of the world. According to OnePlus, they have confirmed that the version bound for the North America region will only come with 65W charging. This is versus the 80W charging that the rest of the world gets.

To be fair to OnePlus, this isn’t the company downgrading the phone on purpose, but rather it has to do with voltage used in North America. According to OnePlus:

“In North America, the OnePlus 10 Pro supports 65W SUPERVOOC. This is because 80W SUPERVOOC does not currently support 110 or 120-volt AC power – the typical standard for power outlets in the region.”

It is a bit of a bummer, especially since at 80W, it will be able to fully juice up the phone in 32 minutes. Then again, 65W is no slouch and it will be able to fully charge the phone in about 47 minutes, which honestly isn’t too bad and about 15 minutes longer, but what do you say? Would you still pick up the phone even though it comes with a slightly slower charging speed?

UPDATE: OnePlus reached out to let us know that the 65W charging speed of the OnePlus 10 Pro charger in the US will allow the phone to be fully charged in 34 minutes, which is only two minutes slower than the 80W charger. This time difference between the two is negligible at best, so we’re not too bummed that OnePlus 10 Pro owners in the US won’t be getting the new 80W charging speeds.

Source: OnePlus

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